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Engraved Aluminum Tags - Stock Sizes

• Aluminum Tags Engraved or Stamped
• Anodized finish in 8 colors
• Many stock shapes available

• Call 1-800-481-5500 for an experienced & helpful salesperson
• We are one of the few companies and suppliers offering wholesale pricing direct from the manufacturer.
• All of our Engraved Aluminum Tags are 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.

28 Years In Business Manufacturing Quality Engraved Aluminum Tags For Our Customers!


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1"  Octagon x .050 Thick
(1) 3/32" Hole
1 1/8 x 2 1/4 " x .050 Thick Engraved
(1) 3/16 Hole - 1/8" Corner Radius
1 3/16 x 2" .050 Thick - Engraved
(1) 5/32" Hole - 1/8" Corner Radius
3/4 x 2 1/2" x .050  Thick - As low as .40 each!
(1) 1/8" Hole - 1/8" Corner Radius
1 3/16  x 2" x .050 Thick - N-1 Aluminum Engraved
(2) 1/8" Holes - 1/8" Corner Radius
3/4 x 2 1/2"  x .050 Thick - XL-22 Aluminum Engraved
(2) 1/8" Holes - 1/8" Corner Radius
3/4 x 2  1/2" x  .050 Thick
(2) 1/8" Holes - 1/8" Corner Radius
1" x 3" x .050 Thick
Available with No holes, 2, or 4 Holes
1 1/2" x 3" x .050 Thick Engraved Nameplate
Available with No holes, 2, or 4 Holes
1 " x 3" x .050 Thick Engraved Nameplate
Available with No holes, 2, or 4 Holes
1 x 2" x  .050 Thick
1 x 2" x .050 Thick ( 2 ) 1/8" holes
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For different sizes or shapes go to CUSTOM SIZES & SHAPES

When you're in an industrial setting and you can't identify a particular piece of equipment, it's more than a minor annoyance. It can lead to costly mistakes and dangerous misunderstandings.

Enter engraved aluminum tags. With custom tags, you'll be able to identify the most important assets in your operation.  

Read on to learn more about the benefits of aluminum tags and how they can help your business. 

Engraved Tags Are Easy to Read

 Laser engraved aluminum tags are easy to read because of the contrast between the tag's colored surface and the text. 

Since these tags are easy to read, you won't have to worry about any confusion or problems related to marking that is difficult to read.

Engraved Text Stands Up to Wear and Tear

Engraved tags are ideal for harsh environments because the writing won't rub off. The tags are still readable in harsh weather, heat, or saltwater. 


Anodized Aluminum is Lightweight Yet Durable

Stainless steel is widely used for its corrosive-resistant finish, but it can be heavy. Aluminum is much lighter and, once it's been anodized, it's surface hardness is comparable to stainless steel. 

The anodization process involves dipping aluminum into an acid electrolyte solution and exposing it to an electrical current. It thickens aluminum's natural oxide surface layer. It turns regular aluminum into anodized aluminum, which is more durable and corrosion-resistant. 

If you work in an industry that requires precise control of weight like aerospace, lightweight anodized aluminum tags are the perfect solution. You might not think the weight of metal equipment tags would make a difference, but on an aircraft, it can really add up.

Aluminum Tags Are Ideal for Color Coding

 You can use colorful aluminum tags to categorize tools, equipment, or employee lockers.

For example, you could use red for high-priority items or equipment you bought in a particular year. The colors will depend on your industry and your organization style. 

Aluminum tags come in eight different colors, which makes color-coding a breeze. Plus, the color won't chip off since it's fully integrated with the metal. You won't have to worry about your color-coding system falling apart because the tags won't fade or chip.

Order Custom Engraved Aluminum Tags Today

Engraved aluminum tags are easy to read, durable, lightweight, and great for color-coding. No matter what you need to label, aluminum tags will keep you organized. 

Contact us for special requirements at 1-800 481-5500 or
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"Inland Products has been making our metal nameplates & metal tags for over 20 years now and I am happy to give them my testimonial as a very satisfied customer. They are always very responsive to our needs and have helped us out of many jams when we really needed the help. Consistent quality and great customer service make them very easy to work with."
Jan Brewer
Purchasing Manager
DeVilbiss Finishing
"This is a company that works very hard to keep us happy and to earn our continued business. I wish I could say that for all of our vendors.  Thank you Inland - Terry King"
"We were very happy with our engraved tags when they arrived early and the engraving was perfect!  We installed them on our compressors & the tags actually improved the look of our product. Awesome!"
We have been buying metal tags from Inland Products for a very long time and have always been very happy with the quality of the tags and the service we receive from them.