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Brass Tags

Brass Tags

A Classic Favorite With Our Customers

Brass tags are our most decorative metal tags. We offer them in a brushed and lacquer coated finish, for a beautiful finished look, when aesthetics are essential to the customer. We also offer them in a tumbled and polished finish for customers that don’t require a decorative look.

When rotary engraved, the engraving is easy to read because of its depth. When laser engraved, there’s an excellent contrast between the dark brown to black engraving and the golden background of the brass. Fiber lasers are required for laser engraving.

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What Are the Benefits of Brass?

There’s an appeal to brass tags that our customers appreciate! Something about the look and feel of brass is unique, and no other material has such an appeal.

Aside from being a beautiful looking tag, brass is also great for its ability to hold up to the elements over time without suffering from corrosion problems or rough handling.

Brass also holds up well to high temperature and will withstand up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit in use.

Another great feature of these tags is they do not contain iron, which means that they can not create a spark in situations where the ignition of gas or other flammable substances is a concern. Because of this, they are often used to label pipes and valves that contain flammable gasses or liquids.

Brass Tags Have Many Industrial Uses

Engraved Brass Tags

Inland Products engraves brass tags with fiber laser engraving machines providing a permanent dark contrasting mark on the tag. Using lasers also allows us to engrave fine details such as logo’s barcodes and QR codes on the tags.

We can engrave any combination of consecutive numbers, random numbers and lettering, logos, and artwork at no additional charge.

Blank Brass Tags

Our blank tags can either be stamped, scratch or rotary engraved or engraved with a fiber laser.

Most blank brass tags are available in a mill finish that has been tumbled and polished to remove sharp edges. Some of our blank brass tags are available in a decorative satin finish with a lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing. Please contact sales to check availability.

Custom Sizes and Shapes

Inland Products has the ability to produce tags in any size or shape our customers require. Our tool and die shop can make special tooling to produce any custom tags or nameplates with great efficiency.

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We’re Here To Help!

Inland Products has an experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful sales staff waiting to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you make the best choices for your tags!

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