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Engraved Tree Tags

Tree Tags
Engraved tree tags are an excellent means of identifying trees and plant life for various yet essential reasons. For instance, some tree tags are for identifying trees needing to be cut down for safety reasons. Other tags identify trees needing to be avoided for environmental preservation, while other tags simply identify the species of the tree.

Inland Products tree tags:

  • Are an exceptionally durable means of identifying trees and plants
  • Are made from Anodized Aluminum with the benefit of color-coding in 11 colors
  • Last for decades even in harsh outdoor environments
  • Feature laser engraved text, barcoding and serializing with logos that is available at no extra charge

Our stock choices below are made from 0.050″ thick anodized aluminum. However, if you’re interested in a thinner, more flexible choice of 0.020″ thickness, as well as the ability to specify other sizes and shapes, see our Aluminum Custom Engraved Tags & Plates page.

Notably, tree tags can be required by government agencies such as the Department of Forestry, or local and national park agencies. In addition, they can also serve as a very useful tool for farmers, landscapers, nurseries and others looking for a tree identification method that’s simple and cost-effective.

And further still, tree tags are a great way to educate people with interesting facts about a particular tree, or species of tree, using QR code technology. For example, many arboretums and botanical gardens use our tree tags with QR codes as a learning tool for those wanting more detailed information about a particular type or species of tree. Often visitors use their smartphone to read the QR code. As a result, it takes them to a web page full of photos and information about that particular tree or plant.


  • Aluminum Round Engraved Tab Tree Tags

    Aluminum Round Engraved Tab Tree Tags

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  • Aluminum Rectangular Tree Tags

    Aluminum Rectangular Engraved Tree Tags

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  • Aluminum Round Engraved Tree Tags

    Aluminum Round Engraved Tree Tags

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