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Plastic Name Tags

Plastic Name Tags & Name Badges

Plastic name tags and name badges are available in many shapes and sizes from stock. Or, we can make them custom to your specifications. Inland Products has a tool and die shop with highly skilled toolmakers to create custom products for our customers in the most efficient way possible.

Inland Products offers plastic tags in 13 different colors. Thus, they’re very useful for color-coding where needed. Another advantage of having so many colors to choose from is it allows our customers to closely match company, team, school, or organization colors.

What Can Be Engraved on Plastic Name Tags

  • Intricate logos in very fine detail
  • Consecutive numbering in large bold fonts
  • Variable text on each tag
  • Any combination of text numbers and logos

There’s no additional charge for engraving any of these things on our name tags even if the information is variable.

How Durable Are Our Plastic Name Tags?

We make our plastic tags out of 1/16″ or 1/8″ thick engraving plastic. They’re durable and sturdy without being brittle. The tags, in 1/16″ thickness (2-ply), are colored on one side, and the other side is either white or black to contrast with the surface color. The 1/8″ thick (3-ply) tags are colored on the front and back side with the internal layer colored white or black to contrast the surface color.

We engrave our tags with CO2 laser engraving machines that burn through the surface color to expose the white or black plastic base. The engraved lettering or numbers will be either white or black in contrast to the surface color.

Our name tags and name badges can be expected to last for many years. We use only outdoor UV rated engraving plastic that will never fade or become brittle even when exposed to strong sunlight.

We’re Here To Help!

Inland Products has an experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful sales staff waiting to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you make the best choices for your metal tags!

Please call us at 1-800-481-5500 or email