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Phenolic – Lamicoid – Traffolyte – What Type Of Plastic Do We Use?

Phenolic, Lamicoid and Traffolyte are plastics that were used for many years in the electrical industry any time an engraved label, sign, nameplate, or legend plate was located in close proximity to high voltage electrical current. These plastics were valued for their ability to resist heat and for their lack of conductivity but were very brittle and difficult to work with. They also presented a health hazard to the engraver due to the fiberglass dust created when engraved.

Today although the terms Phenolic, Lamicoid and Trapholyte are still widely used in specification sheets these plastics have largely been replaced by Engraving Plastic which offers all the same benefits without the inherent negatives and health risks. Engraving plastic is heat resistant, fade resistant and non conductive and can be used indoors or outdoors. Our plastic nameplates & labels are made out of Engraving Plastic & are available with either holes for mounting or a very aggressive permanent bonding 3M peel & stick adhesive backing.

Listed below are our stock size plastic nameplates but we can make any size or shape you want.

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