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Custom Printed Aluminum Labels

What is our Digital Printing Process for Metal Labels?

Our digital printing process for metal labels, is a cutting-edge imaging system enabling us to digitally produce long-lasting, vibrant images on anodized aluminum. Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology, we deposit inks with exceptional precision, resulting in clear, easy-to-read, vivid metal labels. Taking it a step further, we apply multiple layers of a transparent protective coating that … Read more

Memorial Bracelets

Evolution of the Modern Memorial Bracelet

We wear modern memorial bracelets to remember heroes and loved ones taken from us too soon. Though it seems clear these memorial bracelets were inspired by POW/MIA bracelets of the early 1970’s, wearing memorial bands and jewelry goes back much further in history. The Mourning Armband The origin of the mourning armband isn’t clear. But, … Read more

Start an Engraving Business

Start an Engraving Business – Here’s How

Starting an Engraving Business is Easier Than You Think! Inland Products supplies engravable blanks to thousands of engraving businesses worldwide. We have the unique ability to manufacture these blanks in our facility using modern high-speed presses and highly skilled personnel. This gives us a big advantage in manufacturing: It allows us to compete even with … Read more

laser engraving etching

What is Laser Engraving or Etching?

Laser engraving or etching is a process that combines leading edge laser technology with computer assisted manufacturing software. We use this method to mark in-stock and custom engraved tags and plates you order from Inland Products. All engraving performed at Inland Products is accomplished with this process. When employing this process on anodized aluminum, brass … Read more

Round Engraved Numbered Tags

Which Material is the Best Choice for Your Tags?

Knowing the facts and options before deciding which material is the best choice for your tags, will help you avoid wasting time and money. Your choices are not so crucial if your needs are for light-duty or office environments. But, industrial work places will need a bit more thought with regard to your durability needs. … Read more

Rectangular Single Hole KT engraved tags

Metal Tags Materials Details & Benefits

Inland Products offers Metal Tags and Plates in Anodized Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel, available in stock shape sizes, as well as custom made. We manufacture and supply both blank tags and plates, for your engraving and stamping needs, and engraved tags and plates marked to your specifications. All our tags and plates are 100% … Read more

Plastic Tags Material Details & Benefits

Inland Products offers a wide variety of plastic tags and plates in stock shape sizes, as well as custom made. We manufacture and supply both blank tags and plates, for your engraving and stamping needs, and engraved or printed tags and plates marked to your specifications. Our plastic tags are: Available in several color options: … Read more

locker tags

Not sure if Locker Tags are right for your business?

Where do your employees, or even the general public, store their belongings while working, or while out and about at recreational facilities, shopping malls and similar places? In the case of employees, they might store their belongings in their offices or cubicles after they clock in. But, that’s not always the case. And, in schools, … Read more