Stainless Steel Tags | Engraved or Blank Metal Tags

Stainless Steel Tags

Inland Products produces and stocks stainless steel tags in a variety of shapes and sizes. Conversely, provide your specifications and we’ll make them custom to your needs. Our tags made from stainless steel are:

  • Exceptionally Durable and Corrosion Resistant
  • Available in Types 430, 304 and 316
  • Other types may be available
  • Many stock shapes and sizes
  • Custom sizes and shapes available per your specifications

Our blank stock sizes will usually ship out in 1-3 business days. Engraved or custom made tags require additional processing time. Please see our lead times on our Terms page for addition information.

What makes stainless steel so durable?

Stainless steel is produced by melting iron ore and carbon in a furnace. Then, it’s mixed with different types of metal alloys to achieve the desired properties for the end product. We all know stainless steel does not rust. However, its very resistant to corrosion from exposure to harsh chemicals, acids, and caustic materials. And, its a very tough, hard metal. These qualities make stainless steel an ideal material for identification tags.

Do you offer different grades of stainless steel?

Inland products offers our customers the choice of three different stainless steel grades. Each grade uses a different mixture of alloys that lend themselves to differing properties and capabilities.

Firstly is Type 430. It’s the least expensive and most commonly used. This is because, for most applications, its as good as any other grade of stainless steel. It won’t rust and is very strong and heat resistant. But, it lacks the very high corrosion resistance that better grades possess. Type 430 is a magnetic steel, meaning a magnet will stick to it, as it will to regular steel. This is because it has fewer alloys and more iron ore in it. This is unlike the better grades that have a higher alloy content with less iron ore. So, as a result, they’re both non-magnetic.

Next, we offer is Type 304. It’s a little more expensive. This is not only because we have to pay more for the material from our supplier, but because its a harder material. And, it’s more difficult and slower for us to process. Tooling is used in cutting, punching, blanking, shearing or rotary engraving stainless steel. This tooling, when used to process Type 304 stainless steel, takes more of a beating. So, it needs to be sharpened and/or replaced more often. This ads significantly to our processing cost.

Finally, the highest grade of stainless steel we offer is Type 316. Again, it’s a little more expensive for the same reasons as Type 304. However, Type 316 is only needed for the most extreme conditions causing corrosion to lesser grades. These conditions are often constant exposure to strong acids or alkaline materials for example. We also encounter situations where Type 316 is specified in an engineered drawing and must be used to meet specifications for the project.


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