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“Property of” Stickers or Asset Tags

Property of stickers and labels

What Are Asset Tags or “Property of” Stickers?

“Property of” stickers/labels—also known as Asset Tags, Asset Labels, Inventory Tags, or Property ID Tags—identify various pieces of physical assets. Thus, most establishments rely on these to label and track inventory and property. In addition, they help to discourage fraud. For example, establishments choose to use “Property of” stickers for their moveable property, such as computers.

The Benefits of Labeling Assets

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Detailed and reliable asset tags are especially crucial in industrial applications. In addition, many of our clients need to keep track of hundreds to thousands of different physical pieces of property. Tracking inventory and capital on this scale requires more than just a manual count of these assets. Therefore, labeling allows insight into critical information like location, operating condition, and more.

Correspondingly, Inland Products provides “Property of” stickers to clients who perform tasks outside the company facilities. Operations that require products to be brought out into the field present unique challenges. Not only can conditions lead to damage, but equipment and products can be lost or stolen. So, using “Property of” stickers to label these goods helps mitigate the chances of losing these assets.

With that said, your organization can benefit from “Property of” stickers thanks to:

  • A simplified asset tracking process
  • Easier automation for data collection and documentation
  • The ability to implement automated routine maintenance
  • The freedom to track repairs
  • Cost-tracking capabilities
  • Maintenance and downtime monitoring
  • Reduced likelihood of theft or loss of assets

Your organization might even choose to employ asset label stickers that include built-in security features. As a result, making it easier to deter theft and control those assets that are labeled with them.

Uses for “Property of” Stickers or Asset Tags

Most organizations choose to track a select group of assets, such as very expensive pieces of equipment or other work tools. Of course, goods like these can present a significant expense if lost, damaged, misused, or stolen. So, business-critical goods often benefit from “Property of” labels as well.

Further, organizations might choose to track additional assets on an as-needed basis too. If much of the work is performed in the field, for example, they may benefit from labeling work equipment that wouldn’t be tagged in-house.

Here are a few applications and industries that rely on asset labeling:

  • Computers
  • Appliances
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Power tools
  • Furniture
  • Industrial machinery, tools, and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Education
  • Military/defense
  • Oil and gas

In conclusion, using “Property of” labels on these applications can help with a variety of duties. These include staying on top of maintenance and regulation requirements, reducing mistakes in manual data collection, tracking expenses, not to mention streamlining services.

Custom “Property of” Stickers From Inland Products

At Inland Products, we certainly understand how crucial tagging your assets is to tracking inventory and maintaining profitability. So, we strive to help clients select the best “Property of” labels for their particular needs. Not only do we offer you our aluminum “Property of” Stickers in standard sizes and our Custom Printed Aluminum Labels created to your specifications, we offer you these as well:

  • Metal asset tags
  • Aluminum asset tags
  • Foil asset tags
  • Plastic asset tags
  • Inventory tags and stickers
  • Barcode tags

Are you interested in learning more about our custom products for tagging assets? Request a quote or contact us for more information today. A skilled member of our team will be happy to help you find the custom tagging product that’s right for your organization.