Engraved Aluminum Tags

Our engraved aluminum tags are created to your specifications using our economical methods of marking. Modern CO2 laser engraving machines provide our customers with a long-lasting etch at the excellent price point of aluminum. The laser etching allows us to engrave barcodes, sequential numbering, serialized numbers and logos on your tags.

Our aluminum tags are available in twelve different colors.

Anodized Aluminum tags are the best choice when you require a colored metal tag. The anodizing process permanently seals the dye color into the pores of the aluminum under a glass clear, sapphire hard, oxidation layer making it a permanent part of the aluminum itself. This transparent oxide makes the surface of the tag scratch resistant. The engraved aluminum tag will remain readable for an extended time even in harsh conditions where it may be subject to abrasion, severe weather conditions or harsh chemicals. When our anodized aluminum tags are laser engraved, the color of the engraving is white, in contrast to the color of the tag. Keep in mind the engraving will show up better on the darker colored tags.

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