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QR Code and Barcode Tags

Laser Engraved Tags with QR Codes and Barcodes

QR Code and Bar Code tags are a high-quality, durable solution to many identification requirements. Our modern manufacturing processes and large capacity engraving machines allow us to produce our QR code and barcode tags with incredible efficiency and, we pass the savings on to our customers.

Inland Products QR code and barcode tags are laser engraved with codes to your needs and are available in the following materials:

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Plastic

Our tags can be ordered online from this website. Choose your tag size, shape, and material and give us the information associated with the QR codes or barcodes you need engraved. We will do the rest! Need a custom size or shape? See our customs page.

What Are Some of the Most Common Uses for Our QR Code Tags and Barcode Tags?

Our coded tags are great for any use that requires barcoding or quick response coding technology for reference and identification. In addition, our aluminum and plastic QR tags and barcoded tags come in a wide variety of colors. The benefit of many color choices, and coding technology, gives you an incredible capability to achieve total and complete inventory and asset identification, or convenient quick referencing.

Besides inventory and asset identification, and quick referencing, QR code tags and barcode tags have many other uses including:


Our QR code tags and barcode tags are used most often in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Property Management
  • Horticulture

What Material Should I Choose for My QR Code and Barcode Tags?

Anodized Aluminum (11 colors)

Anodized aluminum tags are the only choice if you need both metal and color for your QR coded or barcoded tags. We find that black anodized aluminum engraved with your QR codes or barcodes are the most readable. However, we offer anodized aluminum in several color choices that are excellent for color-coding as well.

Additionally, colored anodized aluminum tags are wonderful for incorporating company, team, or organization colors. And, our aluminum is lightweight and has a scratch-resistant anodized coated surface. Hence, they’re a great, durable and versatile identification product.

Our anodized aluminum QR code tags and barcode tags are laser engraved, which produces white engraving to contrast to the surface color of the tag. So, you should keep in mind, the engraving will show up better with the darker colored surface.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tags are the most durable tags we offer. It’s a hard and corrosion-resistant metal. We recommend using stainless steel whenever you anticipate significant exposure to outdoor weather conditions or harsh and corrosive chemicals.

Our decorative stainless steel option is a beautiful satin-brushed finish. If you choose our 3M peel and stick adhesive on the back, your tags are useful in applications where a hole is not desired. Ultimately, this accomplishes the goal of a highly decorative appearance. In contrast, we can provide you with an industrial tumbled and polished finish for projects that don’t require a decorative look.

We laser engrave your stainless steel coded tags. This engraving produces dark brown-gray text/code that contrasts well on the bright silver surface.


Brass tags are an old favorite with many of our customers. You’ll also enjoy its corrosion resistant properties and classic good looks!

We offer brass tags in a decorative lacquer coated finish for your projects that require a beautiful finished look. Alternatively, we can provide you an industrial tumbled and polished finish for your projects that don’t require a decorative look.

We laser engrave your brass QR code tags and barcode tags.  As a result, the laser engraved text/code is a dark brown color that contrasts with the bright brass surface.

Engraving Plastic (13 colors)

Inland Products manufactures your plastic QR code tags and barcode tags using a very durable, outdoor UV rated engraving plastic. Moreover, you can choose thicknesses of  1/16″ thick (2-ply) or 1/8″ thick (3-ply).

This engraving plastic has a thin cap layer that provides the surface color of the tag. In addition, it has a thick core layer that provides the contrasting text color. In our thicker 3-ply choice, the color cap layer is also present on the back side of the tag. So, this allows for the 3-ply tag to be engraved on both sides.

We laser engrave your codes and text through the cap layer. As a result, it exposes the core layer underneath. So, your codes and text are nicely contrasted with the tag’s surface layer!

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