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Why Are Valve Tags Essential to Pipe Identification?

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An effective marking strategy for pipes goes above and beyond merely labeling the pipes. It also includes using valve tags. One of the most overlooked efficiencies and safety aspects of the facility is using valve tags. This is because many people believe valves and pipes are a simple system, running in the background, not requiring much thought.

However, valves inappropriately labeled, serve as a dangerous safety hazard. Whether your facility is interested in learning how to use valve tags properly. Or, you’re looking to improve how your facility is using valve tags. You must understand why valve tags are essential to pipe identification.

What Are Valve Tags?

A valve tag is a type of tag that you attach to a valve. This is typically located at the end of a pipe. These tags can be made of Brass, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Plastic. But, the type of material the tags are made from depends on the unique needs of your facility.

Valve tags can range in size to be big enough to hold a small handful of numbers, all the way up to a large square that holds essential information.

Valve Tag Regulations

The most important reason for using valve tags is to keep your employees safe. However, there are some situations were OSHA and ANSI have guidelines that require facilities to use specific tags. Make sure you’re aware of all of the current OSHA and ANSI regulations to keep your company updated on the latest safety requirements.


The Importance of Valve Tags

Using valve tags provides your maintenance staff and operators with crucial information about valve systems and the piping that goes around it. This helps to maintain the safe operation of your facility, as well as the safety of your staff.

By adequately identifying valves, you’re providing employees with a visual tool that can help reduce risks of accidents, workplace injuries, and spills that are caused by the improper use or care of valves.

For example, using colored valve tags can identify the types of materials being contained in the pipes. A red valve tag is commonly used to designate the presence of a hot liquid in the pipes, while a black and yellow striped tag identifies pipes and valves containing a hazardous substance.

Before applying valve tags to your pipes, you should audit your facility. This means you’ll need to take a walk around your plant and identify all the valves that need to be tagged. As for doing this, you can assign numbers to the valves that need to be labeled, placing them into a valve tag chart or on a digital table.

By auditing your valves and identifying information you want on your tags, and placing this in a log for staff access, you’ll provide a tool your maintenance staff can use when they’re asked to assist in emergencies.

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