Engraved Metal Military Dog Tags

Our bulk engraved military dog tags are perfect for honoring heroes, for fundraisers, branding, advertising giveaways and more. Some of our clients include church groups, schools, universities, companies and anyone wanting to buy bulk and engraved at low wholesale pricing. Our low prices enable us to compete even with overseas suppliers.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Southern California. We use state of the art equipment to create our metal tag blanks. Then, we use large capacity modern laser engraving machines to mass engrave our customers’ orders, efficiently and economically.

These tags are available in Anodized Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel, and aluminum tags are available in twelve color choices. Choose from standard, notched or rolled styles. Silicone dog tag silencers, chains and jump rings are also available in our Hardware & Accessories area.

For information to help you choose which material is best for your needs, please see our Metal Tags pages.


What Material Should I Choose and Why?

 Aluminum Dog Tags

  • Our aluminum tags are “anodized” which creates a very hard scratch resistant surface layer that is dyed in 12 different colors of your choosing.
  • Anodized aluminum tags provide the greatest contrast when engraved
  • Aluminum tags are very light-weight
  • Can be engraved with inexpensive C02 engraving machines
  • Can also be scratch or rotary engraved with mechanical engraving machines

Stainless Steel Dog Tags

  • Our stainless steel tags are tumbled & polished with a smooth shiny finish
  • When engraved the engraving is black in contrast to the shiny finish of the tag
  • Stainless steel is the material used by our military forces

Solid Brass Dog Tags

  • Our brass tags are also tumbled & polished with a smooth shiny finish
  • The engraving on brass tags will be black in contrast to the brass colored finish.


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