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Where do your employees store their belongings when they come into work?

Some employees have offices or cubicles where they can keep extra belongings after clocking in. But, this doesn't apply to all different types of businesses.

And, that's where locker rooms come in.

Employee lockers are standard practice across several types of business, and for a good reason. But, when it comes to assigning lockers to your employees, a standard numbering system can feel impersonal and get confusing fast. Fortunately, there's a better solution: locker tags & locker name plates.

Not sure if locker tags are the right solution for your business?

Here are five types of businesses that benefit from the use of locker tags.

1. Retail Stores

If you own a retail store, your employees can't just carry their belongings around with them while working the register or out on the floor. And, piling up belongings in a back room could be a security risk.

With clearly labeled employee lockers, your employees with have a secure area to store away their belongings while at work

And, by giving each employee a locker with their name on it, they'll be able to safely store items they need every day, like an apron or nametag.

So, your employees won't run the risk of wasting valuable company time running home to grab something they forgot.

2. Factories or Manufacturing Plants

In factories, like in retail space, employees can't bring their extra belongings onto the floor with them. Unlike retail spaces, unnecessary belongings on a factory floor can create some serious safety hazards.

Assigning employees lockers, and making sure you label those lockers with locker name plates, will give them a safe place to store their things.

3. Restaurants and Cafes

A kitchen is a chaotic place where order and organization are essentials. So, giving your kitchen and waitstaff clearly labeled places to store their belongings is an absolute must.

4. Pharmacies or Healthcare Facilities

When working in a healthcare facility, employees will often need to change out of their street clothes and into sterile scrubs.

And, they're going to need a fair amount of space to store their change of clothes.

If you run a healthcare facility, you probably have a large and very busy rotating staff. So, you want to make sure their lockers are clearly labeled to cut back on any potential confusion.

5. Co-Working Spaces or Open Offices

Thanks to the rise of the start-up and the gig economy, there's a new type of office space out there, one that could benefit from using lockers and locker tags.

An open-office space can help create a sense of community and transparency within a business. That said, they don't often give their employees a safe place to store their extra belongings.

With properly labeled lockers, employees will have a safe place to store their belongings before heading to their desks.

And, in a co-working space where workers don't have an assigned workspace, giving patrons the ability to rent a locker can make a big difference.

Any Business Can Benefit From Locker Tags

Any business that relies on a commuting staff needs a place for that staff to store their belongings. And if your company assigns its employees lockers, you should be using locker name plates to label them.

Ready to bring order to your business's locker room with a few top-of-the-line locker tags? We've got you covered.

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