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Metal Name Plates

Durable Metal Name Plates 

• Metal Name Plates and Engraved Metal Plates -  Engraved, Printed or Blank - Custom or Stock Sizes with adhesive backing or holes

• Anodized Aluminum Name Plates are engraved by either laser etching or rotary engraving depending on your application requirements.

• Solid Brass Name Plates are a longtime favorite that can be used in so many applications either with a lacquer coating for decorative indoor applications or mill finish brass for outdoor applications where the natural aging of the brass is not a problem and is often appreciated for it's antique appearance.

• Stainless Steel Name Plates are extremely durable and are either laser etched with black text and graphics or deeply rotary engraved and color filled in the color of your choice. 

• Printed Aluminum Name Plates printed using our Duraprint process are among the most durable nameplates available and offer the additional benefit of full color printing capability for vibrant eye catching identification. 

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Metal Name Plates: A Must-Have for any Business!

There are many reasons that a business would be interested in purchasing custom metal nameplates and/or engraved metal plates for their operations.

Sometimes there's a need for a bit more instruction or direction, even if it serves as a simple reminder for things your workers and clients already know. It can be the difference between satisfaction and frustration.

Here Is a Few of the More Common Uses for Metal Nameplates:

1. Product and Brand Awareness Nameplates

Metal nameplates printed using our Duraprint metal printing process are ideal for product identification and brand awareness nameplates.

Duraprint can print full color images into the open pores of the anodized aluminum and then in a separate process we seal the ink into the pores of the aluminum under a glass clear very hard anodization layer.

This process makes for a very durable nameplate with superior scratch resistance that will hold up well even in very harsh environments.

Protect your image and your brand while providing important information about your products by using Duraprint metal nameplates!

Metal Name Plate for Brand Awareness

2. High-Risk Work Environments

Every owner and manager of a high-risk work environment knows that you can never have too many warnings and labels about proper safety practices. 

Not only are they a way of educating your staff and preventing injury, but they can also help protect you from being liable for a work-related injury.

Regardless of the workplace that you have, there are always dangerous chemicals or heavy equipment that your employees need to be cautious with. Placing a data plate on that equipment can be the difference between safety and a life-changing injury.

Get a customized data plate that lists all the instructions you deem necessary for a safe workplace. 
These instructions may be for the handling of materials, proper maintenance, product information, safety information, and much more.

Metal Name Plates for Safety Data

3. Aviation Identification
Not only is aviation identification an incredible use for data plates, but it's also a legal requirement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

There needs to be a nameplate attached that enlists all the proper identification details. These details include the model, serial number, certificate number, production certificate number, aircraft engine rating, and the name of the manufacturer.

On top of that, the FAA requires that the identification plate you use is fireproof and made of industrial-strength materials.

It needs to be placed on the outside of the aircraft, visible to anyone that needs its information. Make sure that it's in an area of the aircraft where the information on the data plate can be easily read from someone viewing it on the ground.

While that's a lot of factors to consider, it goes a long way towards ensuring the safety of both the passengers and pilots.

Metal Nameplates for Aircraft Identification

4. Elevators

There are a lot of moving pieces within an elevator in order for it to operate effectively and stay durable for several years. After all, that's not something that you can easily replace.

Metal nameplates go a long way towards educating all essential personnel on the specifics of the elevator(s) that are in your building.

In fact, proper maintenance can't be done to an elevator without the necessary details being in place. Assuming you don't carry around specs such as the elevator's weight capacity with you, you'll want to create a data plate especially for it.

This data plate can be the central hub for key information such as the weight limit, elevator type, manufacturer, emergency information, safety inspections, etc.

The data plates you create for your elevators will ensure that it's tended to the right way. This will save you thousands of dollars over the course of the elevator's lifetime.

5. Electric Equipment

Electricity in the workplace needs to be handled with extreme caution. Your workers may not realize the seriousness of properly using all electrical equipment.

Not using the equipment properly can result in serious shock and burns to their body.

Ensure their safety while handling the electrical equipment for their job by placing data plates on the items accordingly. 

This information can be along the lines of the equipment's model number, serial number, and weight. However, you should also include things like the manufacturer, directions for how to use it, safety hazards, and emergency contact numbers.

Not only are you taking strides towards preventing injury to your employees, they'll know exactly who to call if an accident happens to themselves or their peers.

Unless you plan on standing right by the equipment 24/7 to instruct them, the metal name plate is the best way to spread must-read safety information.

Metal Name Plate for Electrical Industry

6. Transportation

Vehicles of all kinds are prone to tough and demanding outdoor weather conditions that require a tough nameplate if it is to survive these conditions.

Duraprint metal nameplates are especially appropriate for transportation vehicles because of their excellent scratch resistance and overall durability rating. 

We sell our nameplates to auto & truck manufacturers, airline and aviation companies, railroads, and shipbuilders and of course to the U.S. military for their transportation needs.

Transportation Nameplate


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