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Duraprint Aluminum Labels Incredible Durability at an Incredibly low price!

Metal Tags

Metal tags provide the ultimate in durability when it comes to identification tags. When you can not afford to risk losing the information that is engraved on your identification tags the only choice for you is metal identification tags that are properly engraved to last at least the lifetime of the asset you are tagging. Inland Products has been making I.D. tags for over 30 years and we know exactly what it takes to provide our customers with the most durable form of identification possible.

We take pride in working with our customers to find the best tags for their specific needs and application and also provide design assistance at no additional charge for customers who are not sure what layout they want on their tags. Our tags can be provided blank or marked with numbers, logos, serialization and any variety of text.

Metal Tags Have Been The Specialty Of Our Company Since 1988

Metal id tags are the most durable form of identification and are the only way to ensure that the customers information will last at least the lifetime of the item being identified. When the correct marking method is used, metal tags can last for many decades and even centuries. The processes we use to mark these ultra durable tags are stamping, coining and rotary engraving. Stamping and coining use hardened steel dies to press the customers information deep into the surface of the tag and Rotary engraving uses heavy-duty computer controlled engraving machines to cut deeply into the metal so the marking can not be removed even in the harshest conditions. Inland Products produces these long lasting tags for companies that simply must know that the identification will never be compromised. We work hard to be the best supplier of high quality identification tags in the industry. Bulk I.D. tags at wholesale prices are our specialty!

Laser Etching Provides Our Customers With Greater Economy

In most cases metal tags are not required to last such long periods of time, so we have developed more economical methods of marking our tags using modern laser engraving and etching machines to provide our customers with the long lasting qualities of metal.  Because of this, we are able to offer  a very economical method of marking the tags that will still last for decades in all but the most demanding situations. Laser etching also allows us to engrave barcodes on our tags as well as sequential numbering, serialized numbers & logos. We use fiber laser engraving machines to mark our stainless steel tags and brass ID tags and co2 laser engraving machines to mark our anodized aluminum tags and plastic tags.


We Manufacture All Of The Blank Metal Tags We Engrave For Our Customers

Inland Products is not just another engraving company.  We are the manufacturer of all of our blank metal tags that we engrave for our customers and as a matter of fact, we manufacture the blank metal tags that many engraving companies sell to their customers - they buy blanks from us, engrave them, and sell them to you! As the manufacturer of course we are able to offer many benefits over other companies who don’t actually produce the blanks themselves. If you require custom metal tags of any size or shape we can make them for you to your exact specifications in our own manufacturing facility. We use metal stamping dies, punching, blanking, shearing and laser cutting machines to efficiently produce our i.d. tags. Our company was founded in 1988 by a tool and die maker who made sure we had a very capable tool room established to serve our customers. This also allows for faster delivery times and greater economy especially for bulk and wholesale orders.


 What Type Of Metal Should I Choose?

All of our metal tags are available in Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass. Each of these metals have unique qualities that may make them the best choice for your requirements.

Anodized Aluminum 

If you need colored metal tags then anodized aluminum is the choice for you.  Aluminum tags are available in twelve different colors which is great for color coding or matching a company, team or organization color. Another advantage with aluminum tags is their lightweight and scratch resistant anodized coating on the surface.
When our anodized aluminum tags are rotary engraved, the engraving is silver in color in contrast to the color of the tag. When they are laser engraved the color of the engraving is white in contrast to the color of the tag. Keep in mind the best contrast will be with the darker colored tags.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tags are the most durable tags we offer. Stainless steel is a very hard and corrosion resistant metal and is therefore often used in the presence of harsh chemicals and in situations subject to the corroding ocean influences of salt water. We offer three grades of stainless steel each having a different level of corrosion resistance with Type 316 being the most corrosion resistant, Type 304 slightly less and Type 430 less yet.
For most applications however Type 430 stainless is more than adequate; but some customers require Type 304 or Type 316 to be sure the tags hold up in the harshest conditions. We stock all of our stainless steel tags in Type 430 to offer the best economy to our customers but we often make them in Type 304 or Type 316 at the customers request. Regardless of the type all of our stainless steel tags are tumbled and polished to remove sharp edges and provide a nice smooth finish. 


Brass tags are an old favorite with many of our customers due to their corrosion resistance and classic good looks.
We offer brass tags in either a decorative satin lacquer coated finish for projects that require a nice finished look, or an industrial tumbled and polished finish for projects that do not require a decorative look.
When our brass tags are rotary engraved the engraving is the same color as the tag and there is no real contrast, but the engraving is still easy to read because of the depth of the engraving. When our brass tags are laser engraved there is a big contrast as the engraving is dark brown in color in contrast to the brass color of the tag. Brass tags do require that a fiber laser be used to do the engraving as a CO2 laser will not work.

Who Uses Our Metal Tags?

Our tags are used in many diferent industries including, but not limited to: Aerospace, Building & Construction, Automotive & Marine, Electrical & Plumbing, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Solar & Wind Power, Utilities & All Branches of Government & Military. We take pride in the fact that we have done business with many large established companies in all of these industries and more over the last 30 years, including:

Boeing, SpaceX, Vector Aerospace, Bell Helicopter, Marathon Oil & Gas, Shell Oil Company, Valero Energy, Schlumberger, Dupont, General Electric, Apple, Microsoft, Kiewit, Catapillar, John Deere, Subaru, Tesla, The YMCA,
and even government agencies such as the DoD.

What Are Our Tags Most Commonly Used For?

Some of the most common uses include but are not limited to:

Valve Tags - Key Tags - Tool Chits - Asset Tags - Equipment Tags - Identification Tags - Animal Tags - Industrial Tags - Commercial Tags
Tree & Plant Tags - Promotional Tags - Barcode Tags - Automotive Tags - Elevator Tags - Inspection Tags - Power Pole Tags
Survey Tags - Cremation Tags - Conservation Tags - Equestrian Tags - Wire Rope & Chain Sling Tags

We realize that we have given you a lot of information to consider here and we hope it has helped you determine what type of metal tag will best suit your needs. If you have any questions we have highly qualified representatives ready to help you find the best possible solution for your identification project.

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"Inland Products has been making our metal nameplates for over 20 years now and I am happy to give them my testimonial as a very satisfied customer. They are always very responsive to our needs and have helped us out of many jams when we really needed the help. Consistent quality and great customer service make them very easy to work with."
Jan Brewer
Purchasing Manager
DeVilbiss Finishing
"This is a company that works very hard to keep us happy and to earn our continued business. I wish I could say that for all of our vendors.  Thank you Inland - Terry King"
"We were very happy with our aluminum labels when they arrived early and the colors were perfect!  We installed them on our compressors & the labels actually improved the look of our product. Awesome!"