Blank Wholesale Military Dog Tags

Blank Bulk Dog Tags for Engraving and Stamping

Inland Products manufactures wholesale blank military style dog tags, available for your engraving needs. They’re perfect for honoring heroes and remembering victims. They may also be a great choice for fundraisers, branding, advertising giveaways, and the like.

These dog tags are available in Anodized Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel. The anodized aluminum tags are available in twelve color choices. All of our tags are tumbled and polished to remove sharp edges and to provide the best possible finish. You can choose from standard, notched or rolled military style dog tag types. Silicone dog tag silencerschains and jump rings are also available in our Hardware & Accessories area.

For information to help you choose which material is best for your needs, please see our Metal Tags pages.

What material should I choose and why?

Anodized Aluminum

blank military dog tags aluminum

Here are the pros and cons…


  • Very lightweight
  • Available in 12 colors
  • High contrast engraving
  • Hard wear-resistant surface
  • Can be laser engraved with an inexpensive C02 laser


  • Can not achieve black engraving

Always remember when choosing a color for your aluminum tags that a darker surface color will provide the best contrast between the surface color and the color of the engraving which is a whitish silver color.

Stainless Steel

blank military dog tags

Here are the pros and cons…


  • Similar in looks to military issue tags
  • Attractive shiny polished metal surface
  • Black engraving can be achieved but is expensive


  • Requires an expensive fiber laser engraver to engrave
  • If using a C02 laser, requires an expensive coating be applied to the tag before engraving



Here are the pros and cons…


  • Beautiful solid polished brass looks
  • Dark engraving for good contrast with the surface


  • Requires an expensive fiber laser to engrave
  • Will tarnish over time

How did we get started selling blank military dog tags?

We started selling them in 1992 when a customer of ours asked us to make a die for him to produce blank dog tags that he would engrave and sell at air shows and ROTC events. He engraved very intricate military logos and emblems on one side of the tags and a customer’s personal information if desired on the other side. We agreed to make the die for him and start producing the tags even though we thought this would just be a fad item that would probably fade away pretty quickly.

Over thirty years later we are still using that same die to produce thousands of dog tag blanks every month and now sell them to hundreds of engraving customers who either laser engrave, scratch engrave or rotary engrave them for their own customers. So much for the fad item quickly fading away!

We learned an important lesson from this experience and now when a customer comes to us with an idea for a new engravable product we listen! Inland Products has the ability to build special tooling and dies to produce tags and nameplates in a very efficient manner using modern state of the art production equipment. We take pride in being able to compete even with overseas suppliers.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about that new product idea you are thinking about and if we think it will be something that may take off we will seriously consider tooling up to produce it as efficiently as possible so you can enter the market with a competitive advantage. In most cases, we can make the tooling at no charge to you if we can sell the product to our other customers as well and if not we will quote a price for the tooling and make the product only for you.

Who purchases our blank dog tags and how do they sell them?

Blank dog tags are a proven profit source for any engraver willing to give the time and effort to find the market that works best for them. Some will choose online sales through a website and others will sell onsite at swap meets, flea markets, fairs, and special events. Many engravers will find a market for individual sales to a large customer base or bulk sales to groups, schools, churches, organizations, and companies of all types using engraved dog tags for fundraising, branding, and advertising.

We make them – you mark them!